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Andrea (Andie) Kay
Intern Therapist, MACP Candidiate

Andie grew up in Southern Ontario, born and raised in a family of first responders, which created the groundwork for her interest in helping others. During her years of extensive travels and living abroad, Andie has learned the complexities and considerations surrounding socio-cultural diversities when interacting with diverse populations. Her array of life experiences has created the groundwork for an integrative and eclectic approach to counselling, in which she uses a wide variety of skills within her repertoire of competencies. Andie’s person-centered approach to clients creates a supportive and empathetic presence within the therapeutic setting. Andie utilizes a variety of approaches best suited to the client's needs. Her approaches include; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Adlerian, Gestalt, Existential and Narrative Therapies. She focuses on self-reflection to help her clients gain insight into their values, thoughts and emotions. 


About Andie (She/ Her)

Andie attended York University, graduating in 2017 with a Bachelor Honours of Arts in Environmental Studies with a specialized Honours in Environmental Law. During her studies, Andie volunteered in Barbados supporting local people with education research through local NGOs and government organizations. Upon graduation, Andie developed a love of learning about people and their unique stories, instigating her pursuit of a diploma in journalism from Seneca College in 2018 where she graduated with high honours in 2019.


It was through these experiences that Andie refined her knowledge and awareness of the importance of human connection, clear communication, and the effectiveness of telling one's story/perspective. Andie developed a deepened respect and interest in celebrating people’s unique individuality and functioning while aligning their stories to their values and beliefs in a positive and adaptable way.


In 2021, Andrea began her formal education in counselling and psychology through the MACP program at Yorkville University. In her personal life, Andrea enjoys being active, and various forms of spiritual practices like tarot cards, sage-ing, nature baths, and philosophical conversations with friends. 


Andrea is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, # 14552. 

Book with Andie

Andie is one of the intern therapists offering services through the Affordable Therapy Program. To work with her, please email.

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