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Anjali Prajapati
Intern Therapist, MACP Candidiate

A lifetime of interest in health and wellbeing has led Anjali to a career in counselling. Growing up as a first-generation Canadian, Anjali often found herself struggling to reconcile the two realities of her life: her Canadian experience and South Asian heritage. This was also challenging as she navigated her anxiety growing up. These experiences shaped Anjali’s perspective and motivation to work in the mental health space. The cultural barriers and stigmas attached to this intersecting space also created a focal point for her future studies.


Anjali has always believed in healing as a journey, that creating a safe space to develop your authentic self is an ongoing challenge in our society. Anjali specializes in working with individuals and couples who identify as BIPOC and/ or as first – generation Canadian.


About Anjali (She/ Her)

The child of South Asian immigrants, Anjali has had to navigate the intersecting spaces of life in North America and the culture of her heritage. In dealing with her own mental health challenges, she has a unique perspective on the cultural barriers and stigmas that come into play as a member of the BIPOC community. Throughout her work and educational pursuits, Anjali has endeavoured to increase her understanding of numerous viewpoints, life experiences and cultural morays. Anjali has developed a passion to serve the community she has grown up in, seeking to create a bridge to acceptance and support for cultural communities.

Anjali completed an Honour’s Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Mental Health at Carleton University, where she applied her perspective to work in the lab and in her thesis. After completing her undergraduate degree, Anjali pursued a Post Graduate Diploma in Psycho-social rehabilitation at Douglas College, before furthering her education in the Master’s of Counselling Psychology program at Yorkville University. She has completed the theory- based portion of her education and has entered into her final 8 months of internship.

Throughout her education pursuits, Anjali maintained numerous work and volunteer positions, many of which supported those in marginalized communities. Anjali has worked in numerous wellness spaces, providing support for youth as a Community Worker , as a Child and Youth Worker  working with people with autism and strives to create safe spaces for ALL individuals

Anjali is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (#13723)

Book with Anjali

Anjali is one of the intern therapists offering services through the Affordable Therapy Program. To work with her, please email.

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