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Balint Inspired Group

A Balint group is a structured meeting where healthcare professionals, historically doctors, come together to discuss and reflect on their interactions with patients. Named after Michael Balint, a psychoanalyst who emphasized the emotional aspects of patient care, these sessions delve into the dynamics of the nurse/doctor-patient relationship, explore emotions evoked during clinical encounters, and uncover underlying assumptions or biases.

Session Details

Facilitator: Simone Frattini, MD & RP
Duration: 6 weeks
Frequency: Weekly sessions, 1.5 hours each
Next Session: July 16th - August 20th
Time: Every Tuesday, 11:30am - 1:00pm

Benefits of Participating

Enhance communication skills
Develop empathy and self-awareness
Improve patient outcomes
Reduce professional isolation
Increase practitioner satisfaction



Cost: $1000 per participant
Payment options: Full payment or 5 instalments of $200
Contact: Email to register
New clients welcome!


Join us for our upcoming Balint-Inspired Reflective Group session and enrich your professional practice through reflective dialogue. Explore the emotional dimensions of patient care and connect with peers in a supportive environment. We look forward to welcoming you!

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