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Julian Bernal
MSW, RSW, Associate Therapist

When choosing a therapist, it can be hard to know exactly who you may like. Words like "nonjudgemental" or "safe space" fill therapy bios and it can be hard to really get a sense for who the therapist is as a person. Julian has been working with individuals and families for over 10 years. He knows that in order to unlock success, cultivate happiness and find meaning in life, he needs to challenge clients to shift the way they think. Julian is a firm believer in flexible thinking as the tool to achieve greatness. Julian believes in flexible thinking as the tool to empower clients to create new avenues to a successful, meaningful and happy life. When you are ready to be supported and challenged to make a change in your life, Julian is the person to walk with you on your journey. Julian focuses on finding your strengths, the ones you already have but might have forgotten or lost. He believes that each person holds the key to unlock their world of opportunities and with the help of his new perspective, clients will be able to reach their full potential.

About Julian (He/Him)

Born in raised in Colombia, Julian brought his interest in child psychology with him to Canada when he migrated as a young adult. He immediately started his schooling at Fanshawe College, graduating from the Child and Youth Worker program in 2006.


When Julian began his journey within the social work field, his interest for the helping profession expanded to other populations, which led him to the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with Honours and a Bachelor of Social Work Degree in 2010. 

After 8 years working with adults and older adults who presented with mental health related challenges and co-morbid disorders Julian shifted his focus to include working with individuals and families of all ages. As a true life long learner, Julian felt that professional development through informal education wasn't enough. He returned to the University setting, graduating from the University of Windsor in 2018 with a Masters of Social Work. 


Julian is a fantastic addition to our team. He brings his passion for advocacy and empowerment into every room he enters, even virtual ones! 


When Julian isn't working, he is practicing his self-care through music and physical activities. He gets out into nature often and loves a good comedy show.  

Julian is a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (#818586).

Book with Julian

Julian is currently accepting new clients. He works with individuals (children, youth and adults), couples and families. 

Julian offers sessions in English and Spanish.

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