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Introducing The Neurodivergent's/ ADHD Guide To The Galaxy Series

About The Writer And The Series

Hello and Welcome!

I am your host and writer of this series, Charley (She/ Her)!

I have a Bachelor of Arts honours specialization in Psychology from Nipissing University and Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University (well... almost). I was diagnosed with ADHD and learning disabilities in elementary school, and have proudly and sometimes not so proudly been neurodivergent my whole life. I am starting the series “Neurodivergent Guide to the Galaxy” as a hopefully humorous and down to earth expression for some of the milestones and navigation people with ADHD may go through in their lifetime.

Through both my own experiences and a few psychoeducational tidbits I hope this series can be an approachable and accessible form of reading for those navigating ADHD pre or post diagnosis or anyone feeling a little neurodivergent. As a content warning I do occasionally find the use of profanity, and a lighthearted approach to experiencing ADHD in my writing, and by no means mean to offend anyone reading. The purpose of this blog is to deliver an honest and authentic perspective of ADHD through the use of humour. Humour is a big tool in both the way I write and an approach I take in counselling as well. I think it's one of the more under utilized life skills, not only providing the ability to feel better or a permission to re-contextualize experiences, but to also connect with people on an innate level of understanding. I also hear it makes pretty good medicine.

P.s if you saw a grammatical or spelling error… you didn’t.


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