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What We Offer

Listed on this page are a sampling of our services. Please feel free to click on each description to learn more.

On each page, you will find a list of topics or pain points that therapy can help with.

It is important to remember that we are all unique and do not fit into one box or label and you may wish to discuss things with your therapist that are not included in this list.


Your time with your therapist is yours to explore whatever is important to you.

Counselling for Depression

Depression can feel like constant unhappiness, low energy or hopelessness. 

At the Journey Counselling and Psychotherapy, we take a person centered approach to our depression counselling.. We focus on your unique and individual needs, because no two people have the same experience, and therefore no two people can heal the same way. First, we look at immediate relief, what do you need to feel a little bit better. Then, we dive a little deeper to figure out what is causing your unhappiness.

Relationship Counselling 

Relationships are hard. Whether it's your best friend or the person you have chosen to spend your life with, every relationship can have it's challenging moments. At the Journey Counselling and Psychotherapy, we work with individuals, couples, families and other relationship structures (ie. friends or coworkers) in a unique way that facilitates an environment where each party can be heard and have a chance to heal. Only then can we move forward and create structures and systems to promote communication and prevent further conflict escalation. 

Trauma Counselling

Counselling for trauma is one of the main reasons people seek therapy. After years of research, it has been learned that trauma is never about the actual triggering event, but rather how the mind and body react afterwards. Coping mechanisms are never a long term solution for trauma. It is important to understand what has happened to you, in order to heal and move forward on the journey you wish to be on.

Counselling for Anxiety

Anxiety can feel like constant worry, excessive fear, and being stuck in the future considering "what if". At the Journey Counselling and Psychotherapy, we take a unique, individual or what is known as person centered approach to our anxiety counselling. We focus on you. There is no one else like you, and so why would a textbook method of treatment work for everyone?  We first start by taking a look at coping mechanisms that could bring you immediate relief. Then, we jump into the muck and heaviness that is anxiety to try and understand why it is causing such unhappiness.

If you are struggling with anxiety, chances are you are struggling to take the first step on your journey with therapy. There are so many what ifs. Our Care Coordinator will walk you through some of the uncertainty and help ease your worries during your consultation session.

Session Fees

Affordable Therapy Program

Our Affordable Therapy Program is launching in January 2023. 

Individual Session - 50 minutes ​

Intern: $100.00 plus HST 

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying): $137.50 plus HST

Registered Psychotherapist: $159.50 plus HST

Registered Social Worker: $159.50

Practice Director, Registered Psychotherapist: $170.50 plus HST

Couples and Family Session - 50 minutes ​

$198.00 plus HST if applicable 

Couples and Family Sessions - 75 Minutes ​

$275 plus HST if applicable ​

Services are eligible to be covered by most private insurance companies. Please consult with your employer or benefits package for individual coverage. At this time, direct billing is not available. 

Additionally, psychotherapy fees are considered by the Canada Revenue Agency to be an eligible medical expense that can be claimed on your income taxes.


Valerie is a registered mental health provider for NIHB (Non-Insured Health Benefits Program). 

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