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Online Therapy in Ontario

Person- Centered, Integrative Therapy for Youth, Adults, Couples and Families. 

Who We Are

The Journey Counselling and Psychotherapy is comprised of Psychotherapists, Social Workers, and Intern Therapists who are passionate about helping clients find their way. We believe that what has happened to you, does not have to define who you are. You can choose the direction you'd like to be moving in, and we can walk alongside you on your journey. 

"The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Single Step"

- Lao Tzu

How We Help

Our diverse team of therapists take pride in offering services to accommodate a wide variety of people. When you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed. If you are having difficulty understanding your emotions or processing your anger. When you suffer a loss and struggle with the confusion of grief. If you find yourself in a marriage where your partner feels like a stranger.


Therapy can help.

When you are ready to make a change, we are here to help. Our Care Coordinator will conduct a free consultation call to match you with the therapist on our team best suited to your needs and desires. 

Therapy is designed to empower you by helping you become more self- aware, while giving you the tools to overcome the struggles you are facing.

What We Offer

"Never Let A Stumble In The Road

Be The End Of Your Journey"

Why Online Therapy

When you begin your search for a therapist, it can be daunting to determine whether in person or online therapy is a better fit for you.

Research has shown that participating in virtual therapy or in person sessions make no difference to the success of therapy. It is all about personal preference.

Online therapy makes it easy to connect from the safety and comfort of your own home, or wherever your travels may take you. We know that life can be busy, that's why at the Journey, we want to make ourselves available to

you, wherever you are. 

Online therapy offers easy booking, flexible scheduling, no long commute and no overwhelming waiting rooms. Simply click and connect.

Our sessions are held via secure video platform. 


Our History

Our founder and Practice Director, Talisa Haskins began her private practice in March 2020. Recognizing a growing need for mental health supports, Talisa formed an online practice to stay connected when we couldn't stay together. 

In March 2022, her solo practice grew into a group practice, and the Journey Counselling and Psychotherapy was born. 

Talisa is a travel enthusiast, she has been to over 30 countries with a goal to visit many more. When considering a name for the practice, her love of travel and her love of mental health and healing collided. "The Journey" stands for the path that we walk in our lives. Individual and unique for each of us. The content shared throughout our website is consistently infused with these ideals and inspiration. 

Welcome to our Journey. Thanks for being here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Therapy

Can Therapy be Covered by OHIP?

No, psychotherapy and social work services are not eligible for OHIP coverage. Our services are covered by most insurance providers, as well as the NHIB. Therapy serices are also an eligibe medical expence that can be claimed through your personal income tax with the CRA. Read more on our service and fees page.

What is the difference between Psychotherapy and Social Work?

In a private practice setting, like our clinic, there is no difference in services provided by a social worker or psychotherapist. The main difference is the education path taken and the regulatory body. To learn more visit each therapist's page to see their education and credentials. 

How do I choose the right therapist for me?

Finding the right therapist is the most important component to the success of therapy. First yourself what you want to get out of therapy. This is what our care coodinator will ask you in order to begin the matching process. Once therapy begins as yourself, "Do I feel safe" and "Do I feel heard". Read more on our FAQ page.

How can I leave positive feedback and testimonials?

As therapists, we cannot solicit or publish client feedback or reviews on public forums. However, if you felt so inclined to leave a positive review you may visit our google profile. We also appreciate referrals. The best referrals are the ones who are encouraged by your personal journey.

What causes mental illness?

There is no one trigger or cause for mental illness that applies to everyone. Mental illness can be a combination of genetic and environmental factors that influences your biology and your emotional process. Some common triggers may include: a traumatic event, abuse, side effects of medication, life changes, genetics, or the COVID-19 pandemic.

What if I don't like my therapist?

We are committed to ensuring you find the best therapist for your care. Our care coordinator carefully listens to your concerns during your intake call to match you with the therapist best suited for your needs. If after 2-3 sessions you are not feeling comfortable, we will happily match you with another therapist.

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