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Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic

Diagnostic Assessment and Treatment Collaboration with a Psychiatrist through Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic.


Psychotherapy Maters Virtual Clinic (or PMVC) is a collective of psychiatrists who work in partnership with psychotherapists to offer collaborative care for clients seeking mental health diagnosis and treatment.


Wait lists in Ontario for psychiatric assessment and support through the health care system can be lengthy. Alternatively, seeking private assessment may offer a reduction in wait times, though it comes at a costly fee.


Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic offers a modern and collaborative alternative to traditional psychiatric treatment. At the Journey Counselling and Psychotherapy, some members of our team are registered with PMVC to offer our clients the opportunity to receive joint psychotherapeutic and psychiatric support.

Here's how it works

If a client is interested in receiving a formal assessment and/or recommendations for prescription medication, their therapist will set them up for a consultation and assessment call with a psychiatrist through PMVC. Wait times vary between 4-10 weeks for an initial appointment.


Prior to the scheduled appointment, the therapist will prepare a referral form that must be completed by the client’s family doctor, nurse practitioner or a walk-in clinic physician who is willing and able to assist with future medication management as needed.


At the time of the scheduled appointment, the client and therapist will attend together. The therapist will sit in on the full appointment, observing the assessment, providing any advocacy or relevant information to assist the psychiatrist with their assessment. Psychiatric assessments can be quite difficulty, and the therapist’s presence may be a comfort or support to the client.


Following the initial consultation and assessment call, which lasts around 90 minutes, a follow-up call will be booked to discuss treatment options and ensure any questions the client or therapist may have regarding the assessment and recommended treatment are answered.


PMVC psychiatrists are not available for ongoing follow-up appointments, however should there be any difficulty with the recommended prescribed treatment plan, continuity of care is top-priority.

What does this cost?

Psychiatrist visits through PMVC are covered in full by OHIP.


The cost of participating in the PMVC program will vary based on the therapist and the client’s needs. The cost covers all paperwork, and time your therapist will spend preparing and accompanying you to each appointment and follow up session.


Below is a breakdown of the fees based on therapist.

Therapist’s Qualifications
Initial Paperwork Fee
Hourly fee for therapist
Practice Director/ Registered Psychotherapist
$187.00 plus HST
$267.00 plus HST
Registered Psychotherapist/ Registered Social Worker
$175.00 plus HST (HST charged to RP only)
$255.00 plus HST (HST charged to RP only)
Practice Manager/ Registered Psychotherapist
$180.00 plus HST
$260.00 plus HST
Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)
$150.00 plus HST
$200.00 plus HST

Please note that the initial appointment is on average 90 minutes, and each follow-up appointment is on average 30 minutes. Appointment times will vary depending on the client’s presenting problem and need.


Clients in our Affordable Therapy Program may access PMVC for a flat rate of $350.00 plus HST.


If you wish to obtain a diagnosis for ADHD, the PMVC program charges an additional $350 fee through their new ADHD Matters program.


In order to be eligible to participate in the PMVC program, clients must only be accessing psychotherapy services through one therapist (excluding couples or family therapy). Clients must attend a minimum of 2 sessions with their therapist before registering for a PMVC appointment, and clients must attend frequent sessions (weekly or biweekly) between the time that a PMVC appointment is scheduled, and initial attendance. These are requirements and policies from PMVC, the Journey Counselling and Psychotherapy is unable to make exceptions.

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