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Mariam Hammady

Future Intern Therapist, MACP Candidate (Starting May 2024)

Mariam is an aspiring psychotherapist. Her desire to help others, fuelled by her professional and personal experiences, motivated Mariam to develop therapeutic skills to continue helping people in a professional space. 

Mariam has worked in a variety of fields that have shaped her journey to becoming a therapist. She has gained experience in disability management, allowing her to understand the multidimensional aspects of recovery. Following this, she served as a care advocate and intervention worker, conducting interventions and designing individual care plans, providing her with valuable experience in individualized care.


Mariam is a lifelong learner who truly believes in the need for catered care for all. She embraces the need for creativity in counselling and aims to utilize the evidence-based tools and resources that work best for each individual through an eclectic approach. Deeply interested in conducting couples' and individual counselling dedicated to healing, self-improvement, and dealing with challenges, she aspires to be part of the solution to breaking the stigma encircling mental health.

Mariam Hammady smiling with trees in the background.

Get to know Mariam (She/ Her)

Mariam was born in Alexandria, Egypt before moving to Montreal, Quebec, where she was raised from an early age. Her culture was an integral part of her upbringing, leading her to experience and understand the challenges attached to balancing multiple languages, traditions, and beliefs. To this day, preserving her language and culture continues to be defining in her life.


The more she advanced in the field of psychology, the more she noticed the lack of representation for those from similar backgrounds as hers. She wishes to understand others through the commonalities of human experience and will do everything she can to help those invested in their well-being and betterment.


Mariam completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Montreal in 2018. She is currently enrolled in the Masters of Arts Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University and will be completing her practicum placement from May- December 2024 at the Journey!


Mariam will offer sessions in English, French, and Egyptian Arabic.


In her free time, Mariam enjoys discovering the beautiful nature around her, traveling, spending time with family and friends, and rewatching her comfort shows on repeat.

Mariam is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (#17111)

Mariam will be one of the intern therapists offering services through the Affordable Therapy Program. To work with her, please email. You will be put on a short waiting list, with a session scheduled in early May.

Please email to book your free consultation.

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