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5 Ways To Become More Resilient

We often hear the word resilience in the context of building to survive & bounce back from hardship but how do you get it?

First let’s start with defining what resiliency is :

Resiliency is the ability to cope mentally or emotionally with a crisis or to return to pre-crisis status quickly. Being resilient is something that seems essential in today's day and age,

But how do we become resilient beings?

Here Are 5 Ways to Build Resiliency

1. Connection

Being able to build strong connections and positive relationships with those around you can help you become more resilient. Having a support system that you can call on in hard times, can help you bounce back quicker.

2. Find A Sense of Purpose

When encountered with crisis or hardship, if you have a defined purpose this can help you find meaning in the challenges you are facing.

3. Believe In Your Abilities

A big part of being a resilient individual is believing that you have the ability to respond and deal with a crisis. Research has shown that self-esteem plays an essential role in coping with stress.

4. Find What You Can Control

To become a resilient individual you have to be able to control and focus your energy on things that you have control over. Putting your effort where you have the most impact will make you feel more empowered and confident, leading you to be more prone to take action.

5. Think Positively

According to psychologist Martin Seligman, having an optimistic outlook on life can help you be more resilient. Examples of optimism are : understanding that bad events are temporary and rather permanent, avoiding overgeneralization and not directly assuming that you are not good at all things, because you aren’t good at one.

If you are struggling with building resiliency and would like extra support ask your therapist for some assistance. Book a consultation to get started.


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