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What Does "Safe Space" Even Mean?

So often in marketing materials for therapists you will see statements like "we offer a safe space" or "your therapist will create a safe space for you". Have you ever stopped and wondered what that actually means?

Safety means different things to different people, so it's natural to assume that safe space is also up for interpretation.

Here's our definition of a safe space: A space that is su

pportive, and non threatening, where each person (client and therapist) feels comfortable to express themselves without fear of discrimination or judgement. To put that into simple terms, it's essentially a space to show up and be you!

When we use the word safe, we are referring to your physical person (free from danger) and your mental space. We want to create a space within session for you to feel heard, validated and supported.

A safe space is not limited to an actual environment or physical room, it can be an abstract concept of “holding a safe space to have a conversation”. In different circumstances a safe space can even be a person.

Here are some examples of what a safe space could be for you:

  • Your bedroom

  • A corner in your house

  • Your home

  • Being with a friend or loved one

  • Therapist office

  • Out in nature

Overall a safe space is somewhere where you feel comfortable and relaxed. A space where you can make room to show raw emotion and be vulnerable without the fear of being judged, gaslighted or blackmailed.

If you'd like to explore creating a safe space, we would be honoured to do it with you!


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